Juneau send great pictures of the clouds of Jupiter

The automatic interplanetary space station Juno (Juno), created by NASA specifically for the study of Jupiter and its surroundings, sent the most interesting so far and startling photographs of the gas giant. The first image according to many experts is the best picture of Jupiter so far that shows gas clouds giant. The photograph was taken on March 27, 2017, when the spacecraft first flew close to Jupiter. Photographed is an area selected by voting of specialists NASA. Picture taken from a distance of only 12.7000 km and the area itself is characterized by various weather phenomena.
According to NASA, blue icy winds in the upper right corner of the image are some of the most enduring and storm phenomena of Jupiter. Most hurricanes of Jupiter, with the exception of the Great Red Spot are chaotic and over the next few months is expected Juneau to collect data to provide a more complete picture of hurricanes on Jupiter.
An interesting object for research is white blob-shaped egg on the left side of the image. The second photo was taken in February this year by the distance 14.5000 km. The next approach the space station to Jupiter will be in May.

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