Turkish Crime Family said that Apple had paid ransom

Almost all IT experts doubt the authenticity of evidence presented by extortionists to obtain the translation from Apple. In March we reported that the hacker group Turkish Crime Family announced that it has access to user accounts to iCloud and threatened to remotely wipe data from iPhone-they related to the electronic cloud if to August 7 this year is not paid ransom amounting to $ 150 000, a sum later increased to $ 500 000. Late last week, hacker group released a message on Twitter, that Apple has agreed to their terms and paid $ 480 000 in Bitcoin. As proof extortionists provide a link to the popular Bitcoin wallet Blockchain.info, where he sees a similar transaction.
Despite these data, experts doubt their authenticity. It is hard to believe that Apple suddenly has agreed and has fulfilled the conditions of Turkish Crime Family. A rogues statements sparked suspicion cofounder Chainalysis Dzhonatan Levin developer of specialized software to prevent money laundering through Bitcoin. The expert noted that the transaction in question link leads to an internal transaction within the same Bitcoin Exchange. Apple has not commented but has previously said that no breakthroughs in iCloud and other online services will not.

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