Microsoft introduced the Focused Inbox for Gmail in Windows 10

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft introduced the Focused Inbox feature for the Mail application in the Windows 10 operating system, which was not supported by the Gmail service, but worked in Outlook and Office 365. Now a new Focused Inbox and calendar enhancements were launched in the Gmail online service . The release of the new version will begin in the next few weeks. The changes will be seen first by the insiders and will not be widespread. If reviews are positive, Focused Inbox for Gmail may come on this summer. This feature has recently appeared for iOS and Android for the Outlook mail client. Emails considered important are collected in a separate e-mail, and the others are collected in the "Others" folder. Algorithms are used to determine the importance of emails and to block spam.
Microsoft said that for the normal operation of Focused Inbox with Gmail, synchronization with its cloud services is needed. Creating, editing and removing email, calendar events, and changes to Gmail contacts will be stored on Microsoft servers. There will be no changes to Gmail and Google apps. The inclusion of Focused Inbox will be optional.

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