And Verizon is interested in Disney

We recently learned that Apple is interested in Disney, and it seems that it is not the only technology company that has appetites for such a deal. The second-mentioned name is that of Verizon's largest US mobile operator, though while Apple, at least in theory, can buy Disney, Verizon seems more likely to offer a merger with the entertainment giant. In the past year Verizon lost 289,000 subscribers and the company is looking for alternative ways to stay on top.AOL and Yahoo and is now considering its next move. "We are open to the idea of ​​merging with Disney," says Operator Operator Lowell McAdams. Other merged merger names include Comcast's competing telecom operator and CBS TV channel. Analysts say, however, that such a deal is hardly feasible at this stage. Verizon has already paid 4.48 billion yen for Yahoo and 4.4 billion for AOL, and now there's just no money or money for a new major move. As a result, it has already bought.

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