The son of a Russian legislature received the longest hacker's sentence - 27 years in prison

On Friday, April 21, 2017, the Federal District Court in Seattle sentenced the 32-year-old resident of the Russian Federation, Valeriych Selesnikov, to the 27-year-old prison, the son of the acting deputy of Gosuduma Valeriy Silesijov. Roman is known in various illegal hacking forums such as Bulba, Track2, 2pac, nCuX and others.
The hacker is involved in marketing credit card information via POS Dumps,,, 2rac. These are millions of credit cards taken from the stores of Terget, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Staples and Home Depot. Roman Seleszio was declared to be found by Interpol with a red arrest warrant. He was detained at the Maldives Maldives airport of the US Special Services charged with computer fraud, hacking, fraud, bank robbery, and devastating US citizens and organizations worth about $ 2 million. The Seattle Federal Court, in turn, filed a Roman penny for online sales penetration in the US in 2009-2011. According to the prosecutor's office, the hacker has ruled international card trading information centers to alleviate the theft and the sale of stolen and scanned data on credit and debit cards.
Sechenski's laptop found 1.7 million electronic copies of bank cards, more than 18 million dollars. This money has bought both houses in Bali at a price of $ 800,000. The computer of the Russian hacker also found pictures on which he placed behind the wheel of various sports cars and along with a bunch of curts. According to the evidence in court, Sellesov's schemes allow the resale of more than 2 million credit cards, resulting in a loss of $ 170 million in the US banking system. The total harm to all Selezione hacking forums was estimated at several billion dollars. It is proven that among the victims are 3700 financial organizations and 500 companies from all over the world, mainly in the United States. Federal prosecutors call Selenova "the biggest fish" in the underground hacker world. Roman, with a handwritten letter to the court, tells of his severe childhood in Vladivostok with an alcoholic mother and how he does not receive the money for food and utilities. These difficulties made him commit the biggest mistake in his life. He got rich, married, and moved to Bali.
A typical story about a high-ranking Russian hacker. But after the terrorist act in Marrakech in 2011, he suffered a heavy wound on his head and while in a coma his wife left him and all his money went to the United States. After he recovers, Roman is again engaged in underground hacking, meets the Ukrainian Anna, who still helps him deal with US justice today. According to court documents, US secret services have followed Rome Silesinov for 10 years. Interestingly, the Maldives have no extradition treaty with the United States, and Szezelov felt secure and bought real estate. But Interpol, along with the US Department of Justice, is negotiating with the authorities in the Maldives and the hacker is detained at the airport shortly before the airplane boarding in Russia. Instead of an airplane to Russia, he was picked up in a private jet that sent him to jail in Guam and then to the United States. MP Selezinov said it was a kidnapping, offered $ 50,000 to watch video with his son's arrest, and said economic sanctions against the Maldives should be introduced. Roman himself believes his life has become too dangerous, and he thanked the US government for staying alive.

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