Tim Cook wanted to take Uber from the App Store

The Apple and Uber executives have had a heated debate about the future of the App Store app in the App Store, reveals the New York Times. The scandal erupted in 2015 when Tim Cook learned of the hidden feature of the app, allowing Uber to track iPhone owners even when the application itself was removed. According to Apple, this violates the user privacy policy and the feature should be removed immediately. Otherwise, the app will be removed from the App Store and Uber will lose access to millions of users.
The Shared Car Company justified its act by trying to prevent fraud in its own business. It turns out that stolen iPhone have been reprogrammed and company drivers used them for fake accounts and non-existent orders. However, Tim Cook was categorical and did not step down from his position, which resulted in his colleague Travis Kalanik retreating. In the end, the case was resolved favorably for both parties, ends New York Times - Apple has achieved its goal of preventing hidden tracking, and Uber has retained its millions of customers with the iPhone.

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