Brussels fines Facebook with € 110 million for scams to buy WhatsApp

European regulators published official information on a Facebook fine of 110 million euros ($ 122 million). The reason is deliberately to provide false and unreliable information when buying the WhatsApp messenger. The sale of this online service took place in 2014.
The European Commission has announced that the Facebook corporation has committed two gross violations. The first is to provide unreliable information about the way and form of merger between the two companies. The second mistake is to provide inaccurate and incorrect information in response to a formal request from the European Commission. These actions did not allow the European Commission to fully analyze the deal between the two countries and now decided to impose a fine on Facebook of 110 million euros.
The document also states that the European Commission has launched a formal investigation against the US technology giant in December last year. The European Commission also noted that at the outset Facebook did not want to merge the profiles of the two networks, but this happened in August 2016, after which accusations of fraud and illegal activity were filed.
Reuters noted that a "proportional deterrent fine" could reach $ 276 million or about 1% of Facebook's earnings.

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