The update for Windows XP, stopping WannaCry, was complete as early as February

Microsoft has submitted this update only to users and businesses participating in a specially paid operating system support program.
The patch for Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003 was released on the night of May 12, 13, when the first wave of WannaCry computer worm attacks began. And now, The Registry has announced that the upgrade was inaugurated in February this year. Microsoft took 3 months to present it to users. The software giant in January has received anonymous information about NAS Eternal Blue exploitation, capable of compromising through SMBv1 in all versions of Windows, including the ten, and that the exploit in question will be published with open access. In March, Microsoft released a patch for this exploit, but only for the supported versions of Windows.
A month later, the hacker group The Shadow Brokers published an exploit that allowed the unprecedented WannaCry attack late last week. Now the specialists reviewed the updates and noticed that the Windows XP patches were digitally signed in February this year - at the same time as the updates for the supported operating systems.
Interesting is this paid program for the maintenance of outdated operating systems. It is available to critically important businesses and costs a lot - the first year costs $ 200, the second year of maintenance - $ 400 and the third year - $ 800 per computer.

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