HTC U11 - the most powerful smartphone on the market

The HTC U11 was introduced on May 16 at a special event. The device is equipped with the Snapdragon 835, 4 gigabytes of operating and 64 gigabytes of built-in memory.
Pretty standard combination of features, do not you think? However, if the Galaxy S8 picks up 174,000 points in the AnTuTu, the HTC U11 picks up ... a little more. Let's see.So far the most productive device is the Xiaomi Mi6, which managed to raise 177 326 points. In the case of the HTC U11, there are 177,343 balls in AnTuTu. The difference was 17 points, but it allowed the Taiwanese flagship to overtake Xiaomi.
In the S8 + version with Snapdragon 835, the even modest result was recorded - 168,133 points. LG G6 with Snapdragon 821 picks 141,895 points and looks more like last year's flagship. By the way, even HTC 10 with Snapdragon 820 picks 154,031 points. In this regard, we want to congratulate the Taiwanese, because this is the first time HTC flags are among the leaders in the AnTuTu performance test. In the other tests, the results are also pretty good:

Meanwhile, HTC's U11 sales are scheduled for May, and sales in the US will start on June 9th. Taking into account the better camera market, the interesting features in the Edge Sense format and the 360-degree recording, the HTC U11 deserves attention, even if you take HTC's position on the global market and the thick front panel frame, which 2017 year is frivolous.

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