Check Point created an interactive map for the distribution of the computer virus WannaCry

The WannaCry computer worm continues to attack consumers and organizations around the world and is particularly active in India, Russia, Taiwan, China. In Bulgaria, there have also been a number of cases of WannaCry infection.

The scale of infection with this computer virus can be better assessed using the Check Point interactive map, which shows the key statistics for each country in real time. Check Point's specialists have been studying WannaCry since the onset of this very dangerous junction. They have registered 34300 attacks in 97 countries. WannaCry's average rate of distribution to date is an attack attempt every 3 seconds, which means that the activity of the virus has declined because two days ago an attempt was made to infect at a second.

Check Point believes that WannaCry's victims will most likely not be able to return their data even after paying the ransom. The suspicious way to pay and decrypt, plus the fake video showing decryption, makes experts doubt. All the more, in the three WannaCry Battle Accounts, there are only 3 battleships collected, and there is no case for successfully unlocking the files for now.

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