Google Earth added photos from regular users

A special algorithm selects the most quality and the most beautiful. The popular Google Earth service is now viewing all the corners of our planet through the eyes of ordinary users - through the photographs they photographed. Google has implemented customized machine learning algorithms that select the best quality, beautiful, and interesting pictures posted on the Internet by users.
In addition, users can add their own photos to the Google base. No matter what we're looking for - travel inspiration, homework for geography, or just beautiful pictures, the new Google Earth photo layer will bring us even the most remote places on Earth, the developer says. Photos posted by other users can be viewed through the Android or iOS mobile app or the Google Earth web browser on any PC. New content becomes available after activating the Photos feature in the main menu. Pictograms that allow the user to view photos associated with one or another location appear in the scaling process. Photos are deployed on a full screen by pressing the image icons.

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