King Android turned 9 and looks irreplaceable

Google maintains the project with stable versions every year. The Android mobile platform has turned 9 years ago with impressive achievements for such a young project. Market analysts give the system over 85% share on mobile devices. When Google released Android on September 23, 2008, it was a new and promising project, but few were ready to bet on its success.
Now the platform is celebrating its 9th birthday with the recently released Android 8.0 Oreo and as a king on the mobile market. According to the most conservative estimates, Android is installed on about 65% of mobile mobile devices, but this share may vary, depending on who is reporting. In all cases, 65% is the least that Android has. More optimistic estimates account for a share of 85 percent and even more on the Google mobile platform that manages the largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, Huawei, and most other players, with the exception of Apple. Google maintains the development of Android with stable versions every year, which is a very labor-intensive task. Working on a precise schedule with such a massive project would be impossible for most companies, but not for the Internet giant. So far Android has been moving at a steady pace and there are no indications that the status quo will change soon. We will probably see Android 9.0 next year, as the development cycle for the version has already begun. If something extraordinary and revolutionary does not happen, the "King" seems unchangeable.

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