A simple crane adjusts the speed of the internet

"You no longer have to deal with the command line. Just turn the valve, "says the inventor. The first-glance development raises funds in the Indiegogo Shared Finance Platform. It is a device that, in appearance and functionality, resembles a water tap, but designed to regulate not the flow of water, but the speed of the internet. Obviously, the clever inventor behind the NetValve project wants to take advantage of the suggestion that for the modern man the internet is already like the water of every living being.
The invention, if placed in series production, will be delivered for 79 dollars. Author of the idea is Ilker Dugley, System and Network Administrator at the Middle East University of Northern Cyprus. The video shows how NetValve can literally increase or decrease the speed of Internet access by turning the crane valve. 
"You no longer have to deal with the command line. Just turn the valve. Plug and play, "says Ilker Dugley for his invention.
NetValve is built in the form of a stand on which a conventional plumbing crane is attached. The device is located between the modem and the computer that connects to it via an Ethernet cable. "We believe that limiting the bandwidth should not be difficult. The valve is used precisely for speed control. Simply because it works as a valve, it's just a valve, "explains Ilkar Dugley.
The campaign at Indiegogo aims to raise $ 50,000, and if that happens, the developer promises to start production and deliver the device to anyone who has donated $ 79 or more. The project's authors emphasize that the video is made with a prototype, but project support will receive a serially produced premium product. In addition, the names of all who donate more than $ 20 will be posted on the project site.

Currently, only two people have supported the strange idea with a total of $ 75. By the end of the campaign, however, there is another month and the project can eventually collect the target amount.

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