MediaTek promised a 5G chip by the end of the year

The first prototype of a 5G chip from the Taiwanese company MediaTek will be ready by the end of the year, and real-world testing will begin in 2018, reported, citing industry sources. MediaTek promises the SoT 5G chip to be available to device makers when telecoms launch fifth-generation commercial networks (5G). The company is actively involved in industrial initiatives to standardize 5G networks. Earlier this year MediaTek, one of the leading mobile chip developers, announced a partnership with Nokia in the next-generation 5G technology.
The two companies are working on creating a 5G-compliant platform. In mid-2016, MediaTek joined the China Mobile 5G innovation project, and recently launched a partnership with the Japanese telecoms NTT DoCoMo for the future deployment of 5G technologies.
Meanwhile, Qualcomm chief competitor Steven Molecopf said recently that the first 5G smartphones will become widely available one year earlier than anticipated - in 2019 instead of 2020. Mobile operators in Japan, South Korea and the United States are planning to release 5G services in 2019 year
Qualcomm has already announced a prototype system 5W NR mmWave, which will be used this year for compatibility tests with 5G NR together with the decisions of infrastructure providers and telecom operators.
Rival Spreadtrum Communications is also planning to launch 5G prototypes in 2018, partnering with China Mobile and telecom equipment providers such as Huawei, Ericsson and ZTE in the development and testing of 5G technologies.

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