AMD: Ryzen is a revolutionary change

AMD's new Ryzen processors are a revolutionary change in the RS industry, representatives of the company said at the ASBIS Academy. High performance at competitive power, with low power consumption, offer the three available Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 series, the AMD.
The Series 3 processors are targeted at the mass market segment, line 5 addresses the needs of the high-performance segment, and Ryzen 7 are enthusiast processors, AMD said. Each Ryzen processor is unlocked for overclocking, the AMD representative also said. AMD emphasized a price advantage over Intel. Ossymydren Ryzen 7 1700, for example, is only available for $ 329. The new processors of the company are "cool", ie. emit some heat during operation. The market moves towards artificial intelligence and technology like machine training, and AMD responds to this trend with clever technologies like SenseMI built in Ryzen. The essence of this technology is the intelligent pre-retrieval of instructions for faster execution. Another innovation in the Ryzen Line Processor is the "Precision boost" feature. It comes down to 25MHz increments in clock speeds in order to optimize the operating mode instead of a sharp increase of 1000 MHz, which is inefficient in terms of power consumption.

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