TEight generation Core boosts productivity

More cores and more cache offer new processors. The newest Intel Core processors from the eighth generation are available from yesterday on the world markets. Users of systems with these chips will get higher performance when handling different applications. The eighth-generation Core, known as Coffee Lake, is designed with a 14-nanometer process, more cores and more built-in cache than previous generations, said Aerek Dizkowski, Intel Distribution Channel Manager for Central and Eastern Europe , during the ACBIS Academy in Bansko. Currently, there are several models - Core i3, i5 and Core i7, with the number of cores ranging from 4 to 6, and the clock frequency - from 4 to 4.7GHz.
The processors work with the new Z370 chipset, which manages more cores and memory. In the coming weeks, Intel is expected to release a new series of processors - Core-X with the number of cores 12, 16 and 18. 33% higher performance is offered by eighth-generation processors compared to its 6th-generation predecessors, three years ago. 45% is the increase in multitasking compared to the 7th generation Core processors, 25% is the gaming increase, 32% for media content creation and 18% more for virtual reality applications (VR), Drazkovski said.
The new processors address the challenges faced by PCs in key segments such as games and media content creation. In the last five years, the gaming segment, for example, has grown by 36%, with the so-called " eSport - by 2019 the number of players will reach 300 million.

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