Microsoft sponsors the "Open Source Initiative"

Microsoft has recently become a sponsor of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), a nonprofit organization that aims to contribute to the development of open source software projects and technologies through training and collaboration, as well as by using the infrastructure.
Without organizations like OSI, Open Source Traffic has no chances of success and development and could not become one of the major players in the software industry, where patented property is still the leading one. Now, not anyone, and Microsoft becomes an OSI sponsor and will contribute to the development of open source software. "This is a significant event for OSI and the open-source open source community," said Patrick Mason, general manager and board member of the organization. "I do not think there may be any better evidence of the maturity, relevance, interest, and success of open source software from Microsoft's recognition, its sponsorship support, and its involvement as a donor in many other projects and communities in the sphere of open source, "Mason adds. According to representatives of the organization, Microsoft is the main sponsor of open-source projects hosted by the popular developer platform GitHub - a web-based code and version control repository. The platform's open-source community platforms are widely known, including its collaboration with Canonical on the development of the Ubuntu Core for Azure, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Bash under Ubuntu for Windows. Microsoft is working on various projects in collaboration with Red Hat and Suse, as well as the Linux Foundation and the FreeBSD Foundation, an OSI member, to support their FreeBSD operating system based on the Azure cloud platform. 
By engaging as a sponsor of the Open Source Initiative, Microsoft is clearly showing willingness to integrate more open source software into its products.

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