Samsung is preparing a helmet for Windows Mixed Reality

The device will offer more than basic features.
Microsoft's Mixed Reality platform has begun to gain support. Samsung, the largest vendor of VR helmets, is preparing a device that will take advantage of Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), said
The new mixed-duty helmet is designed to use mobile devices instead of PCs. Similar products have already begun manufacturers such as Acer, Asus and Lenovo, so the platform has all the chances of success. Details of the device's technical features are missing at this time. Judging by the images, the helmet has built-in AKG headphones and is compatible with Microsoft controllers.

It can be assumed that the Samsung device will take precedence over the already-announced mixed-life helmets. The model is expected to be more expensive than the base 300-dollar devices. Most likely, Microsoft and Samsung will show WMR helmet this week.

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