Toshiba has doubled the capacity of electric cars

The new SCiB batteries will be in use in 2019. Japan's Toshiba has developed new generation SCiB lithium-ion batteries that use new anode material made up of titanium and niobium oxides rather than lithium and titanium. The new technology allows battery capacity to be doubled while retaining its size, says the developer. Additionally, the improved battery features a higher charging rate. 
Lithium-ion Toshiba SCiB batteries will be used in electric vehicles. According to the manufacturer, a compact electric car with new batteries will travel 320 km after only 6 minutes of charging. In addition, the new anode material delivers less metal in fast charging as well as when charging at low temperatures. And this means slower battery degradation and reduced short-circuit risk. Toshiba will begin commercializing the new lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles in 2019, the Japanese company said.

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