Sirin Labs stopped production of its smartphones for 16,000 dollars

A lavish party last May, which was attended by stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, Sirin Labs announced its Solarin - ultrazashtiten Android phone costing as much as a brand new car average class. Ten months later Solarin was dead. 
Sirin Labs announced that stops the production of the phone and has released 30 of the 90 employees. Considering the starting price of 16,000 dollars, the idea seems doomed from the start.
It's just a ridiculous amount for a smartphone, not to mention that if you hold digital security, Blackphone 2 will cost you $ 799 or less from the VAT on Solarin. Chosen few - or misguided - who still bought the phone can be comforted that Sirin Labs will continue to maintain the device.As for the future of the company, it says it will "explore new directions with new product line." Maybe tablet for $ 20 000?