Nintendo Switch hacked by old vulnerability

Ten days on the market and Nintendo Switch has already hacked - this is likely the result of negligence of the company, thanks to which the hidden browser console has admitted an old vulnerability. Yesterday qwertyoruiop hacker published a screenshot showing Webkit exploit the system. Name qwertyoruiop is well known stage and connects with a series of dzheylbreykove different versions of iOS, and with the help of PS4 jailbreak firmware 1.75. In other words, its information is likely to be absolutely reliable.FreeBSD, as suggested initially. Instead, it seems that Nintendo has created a new version of the code of 3DS OS.For now exploit still does not allow for playing pirated games because it was not established control over kernel. It is clear that the efforts of hackers are focused on Nintendo Switch and progress came even faster than expected.
He said he was able to inflict minor changes to the existing jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit and remove specific for iOS code.Again qwertyoruiop revealed that the console probably not using