Facebook removes Friend List Feed, but keeps friends lists

Facebook removes various options diverting the social network from its new "return to the roots" policy that puts people ahead of brands. The company put an end to the Explore Feed test after finding out that a few users like dividing the news bar. Now the company has removed another tape - the one with friendly lists.
A message posted in the Facebook app reports that friends-based bands will not be available on August 9th. The company explained that the purpose of this move is to focus on improving the core experience in the News section. Of course, you will still be able to create, edit and share your friends lists, you will not only have access to the tape based of these lists. With the growing popularity of groups and stories, the social network is more likely to focus on these popular features. However, some users prefer to limit the news they receive to their friends' posts, and perhaps this adapted version of the tape will be missing.

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