How to make a PTC site?

Many of the people who click in PTC sites daily, sometimeswant to make your own PTC site but do not know what they need and how to start such a thing. This stops them. 

Below you will see the steps on how to make such a site. 

First step: What you need to start? 

Most people invest in the creation of the site 100 or $ 200, which is quite a large amount of regular clicker, which have a maximum of 50 or $ 60. Not every site needs such a largeinvestment at the beginning. 

For starters, you need: 
1 - validated PayPal account (Premier or Business) 
2 - validated AlertPay account (Personal Pro or Business) 
* You can also use Liberty Reserve or others, but the abovetwo sites are the main perpetrators of payments in PTC sites. 

It is advisable to start with a Premier PayPal account and inPersonal Pro AlertPay, as this will give you a chance to get lower fees on purchases sometimes. 
Now, once you have validated your account, you can find a freedomain name for your website. Some want to start with .INFOdomain because it is a cheaper option, but more successfulregister domain .COM. 

Register your site in one of the lower domain registrants, theyare the best: 
* Namecheap: 
You can find the latest discounts on this site: 

* GoDaddy: 
You can find the latest discounts on this site: 

Now, after registering and domain, you will need hosting foryour site. 
Here is a list of some hosting sites that allow hosting PTCsites: 

1 - Ryleejames: 
* One of the first hosting for PTC sites, active support, backup, protection from DDoS 

2 - Hostigation: 
* This is also a good PTC Hosting 

3 - Polarwebservices: 
* It is also hosting PTC sites for a long period 

Before you host your site, you should know some things thatyou will need: 
* At the beginning you will need at least 1-3 GB disk spaceand 50 GB bandwidth to 60, it will cost about 6 or $ 7 in some of the top hosting sites. 
* Once your site grows, you can upgrade to a larger hosting package. 

Second step: How to start? Which type of website to choose? 

Now, once you have a domain and hosting, you will go to step two, which will be what type of site to do. You can choose between two types: 
- Aurora: they are low-income clicks, ranging from $ 0001 to $ 0.0001. This type of sites are largely dependent on traffic. Ads are sold for about 25 to 50 cents per 1,000 visits, or as they are called CPM. Revenues are low and usually do not exceed$ 1 per payment. 
- Bux: they have higher incomes than clicks, ranging from $ 0.01 to $ 0.005. This type of sites depend mainly on sales ofmemberships and recruiting referrals. Payments start at $ 2 atmost of these sites are usually paid immediately and the minimum increases with each subsequent payment (for example, $ 2 for the first payment, $ 3 for the second, etc.). 

Now the question is which type of site to start - with Bux site orAurora site? 
It depends on many things, including: 
- How much money you have in the beginning. If less than $ 100, start with Aurora. If more than $ 250, you can do Bux site. 
- How well you know PHP and you know of designs. If you know a little, then do not risk it and start with Aurora. If you have good knowledge, then you can start with Bux. 
- How much experience you have with PTC sites. If you are juststarting out or have little experience, choose the Aurora. If you do a long time and have a good income to develop your ownways of getting referrals, start with Bux. 

Step Three: Scripts that are available for PTC site? 

Now, once you have a domain name and hosting, you decidewhat type of site will do, here is some information about PTCscripts available that you can use to create your own site. 

If you do Aurora site: 
Aurora scripts are many, but generally most available scriptsare based on the old version of Aurora script, called Aurora 4.0.8. The scripts are: 

- SDR Series: they are based on the previous version ofAurora, with a lot of modifications and repairs to avoid the mistakes of the old version. These are: 
* SDR2: that is a good script and has many updates, prices range from 20 to $ 25. If you create a PTC site for the first time, this is a good start. 
* SDR3: more advanced version of the previous script with more additions and modifications, more features, security,updated every six weeks. The price is $ 45. 

You can find more information and details of SDR scripts at the following site: 

- MRV Series: they are based on the same old script version,modified and enhanced with more features, the problem withsome of these scripts is that some things are encrypted, which prevents change them, but it's good for security a script, on the other hand. Versions are: 
* MRV 3: some modifications and repairs, nothing interesting, but for $ 6 is not bad. 
* MRV 4: slightly more advanced script than the previous,more changes and new features. The price is $ 10. 
* MRV 5: which is the latest version of the script, more changes and updates. This is very similar to SDR2 script. The price is only $ 20. 

You can find more information and details about MRV scriptsat the following site: 

- ESV Scripts: this series of scripts is also based on the original version of Aurora 4.0.8 with several modifications andchanges, particularly in the design, but not in the internalfunctions. Versions available now are: 
* ESV 1: like Aurora 4.0.8 with some additions. The price is $ 7. 
* ESV 2 Standard: ins, some security enhancements. The price is $ 15. 
* ESV 2 Deluxe: same as the previous version but with betterdesigns of some pages and an additional supplement. The price is $ 20. 
* ESV 3: still in development, but will include more features.The price is $ 40. 

You can find more information and details about the ESVscripts at the following site: 

- Aurora Script: this is a sequel to the original Aurora Script,but by only one of the two who made the latest version calledAURORAGPT 4.1.2 - NEXUS 3 GENERATION. This is the same project that provides an updated version of the ESVscripts. The price is $ 20. 

You can contact the developer of the script through his website: 

- PTCShop: new script, completely different from all previous versions, you can easily edit and add supplements rather look like Bux, but with all the features common to Aurora script. The price of the latest version is $ 47. This is one of the scriptswhich are both Aurora, and the Bux site.

You can find more information about it, prices and a demoscript main website: 

This is a list of all Aurora scripts. Check and decide what best fits your site, but when you decide to buy one, try to get it fromprekupuvach rather than the original site, as this will give youdirect contact with someone who can install the script and help you if you have trouble. 
You must have some knowledge of PHP. 
There may be a change in prices. Check the original sites ofthe scripts for the latest information. 

If you do Bux site: 
To start with Bux site is not easy. First, you should be able to lose some money in the beginning. Among such competitionas Clixsense and NeoBux and their low prices of ads will be really difficult to find space for your website. 

- Scripts Bux are many, some are even free, but if you do Buxsite should not think of free scripts. Bux sites make more trafficand free scripts are easy to hack. Free to use script to open awallet in the street and you think you're safe. 

Here is some information about the most famous Bux scripts: 

- PTC Evolution: one of the best Bux script has all the features, security is at a level good looks, feature instant payments. The problem with it is that there are some encrypted parts, which is good for security, but it interferes with yourself to change it.Also added for each site should contact the manufacturer of the script and to pay to install it. Overall, however, the script is very good and the prices are good. 

Details of the script, demo and prices can be found on the main site: 

- GEN 4 +: also one of the most unique scripts, easy to changeand add the best supplements, good support from the team, secure script, but it is a little higher price, so not every newowner of PTC site will be able to afford it. If you can still pay for it, this is a good choice. 

Details, demo and price list are available on the main site: 

- Zeus: also good, stylish and protected script many sites use it lately, has all the necessary features Bux site with continuousupdates, the only problem with this script is that you must havegood knowledge in PHP, as most of the settings in the admin panel are associated with PHP. 

- NTeN: new script by the producers of Zeus script has the most features, like Zeus, plus some additional features such as editing a theme system advances. So far this script is still inbeta testing. 

Details, demo and price list on both the script are available atthis site: 

- ClixScript: it has recently developed a script from a pretty good programmer is new and so it is advisable to start with it,as it is still missing some features, such PTSU, plus it is preferable to wait until every other attempt new script so thatyou are aware of any potential errors before you take, but bydesign, appearance and security, it's really promising scriptand attention after a while. 

Details and demo prices Skippy are on the homepage of the developers here: 

+ Latest Information about prices scripts can be found on the websites of the developers. 
+ Bux scripts are sold in two types of licenses - or annuallicense or a license for life. 
+ To Bux script should spend more attention to security as most Bux sites enable instant payments and this will be a great way to empty your PayPal or AlertPay account if someonehacked your site. 

BuxHost sites - good or bad start ?: 
BuxHost is a different style of scripts PTC sites and the information published here, you can decide for yourselfwhether to start such a site or not. 
First, BuxHost not include any of the former, it is more all in one package. 
In BuxHost you can create an account here: Choose a domain name you want,and they will register it for you and make your site which willpay $ 25 as a monthly subscription. This includes hosting andinstant updates of the script, which is not a bad deal. 

So, to clarify the pros and cons of BuxHost: 

+ You will get stronger and always updated script with many features not yet available in most other scripts 
+ You will receive good support that will fix all the problems that may arise in the script 
+ Does not need to have knowledge in PHP, because all your problems will be fixed by maintenance 
+ Will get a good hosting 
+ Will have many options to protect your site from fraud andrecovery, security feature that will help you avoid fraudsters who make purchases on your site, and after some time they want to get their money after you receive it, which bought 
+ You will get protection from DDoS, which would cost you a lot of other hosting sites 
+ Will get big discounts when you buy long-term plans 

- You do not own the site, because you do not have access to the cPanel-and you can not move your domain, so if you decide to leave BuxHost, you say goodbye to your site 
- Some functions are not available in the monthly and are available only subscription for 1 year or more 
- During updates, the site may not be available, which will not be informed in advance 
- Will have to pay extra when you exceed the limit, traffic, andthe amounts are not a small 
- Hard to earn the trust of the members of the site, because the reputation of BuxHost sites is poor, due to the many fraudscommitted by these sites 
- All sites have the same design, ie will have unique site 

So a good idea to make BuxHost site or not? 
* If this is your first site, it's really a bad idea because there is a good chance your site to become a SCAM, then it will be really hard to regain the trust of members 
* If you have experience as an owner of other PTC sites, then you can do BuxHost site. Yes, it will be difficult, but if you choose a long-term subscription to 2 or 3 years and managethe site well, you can not fail 

There are some other sites that provide services similar tothose of BuxHost, but most of them are unreliable, plusmaintenance is poor. 

Step Four: What's next? 
Now, once you have a domain, hosting and script, there are a few things to do so you get the full site. They are: 

This is the design of the site and is a very important part, asthe appearance of your website should attract the attention ofpotential members. 
The template is an image made ​​with Photoshop by designerand programmer then modifies this image to make a PHP file that you can install on your site. You should be aware that not all designers can turn the image into PHP or as called toencode it so that when you purchase a template, ask the sellercoded one if possible. 
If you buy a unique design template, make sure that the sellergives you the original file of Photoshop, which is known asPSD. It will want to use this design again or sell it to other people (if you buy a unique design). 
Usually prices of unique designs range from 10 to $ 50. Yes, you may think that high price, but worth it if the design is good.Encoding will cost 10 to $ 15, depending on the programmer.You can buy directly ready coded template to save time. 

Here are some sites that offer good and cheap templates: 

- Http:// 
This site is one of the well-known developers and designers,he has very good templates at reasonable prices and provide support for you in addition to the purchased template on your site. 

This site sells scripts mentioned above, so it is good if you are looking for Aurora and Bux script. It has nice templates at reasonable prices. 

There are quite templates made ​​by the creators of SDR script.

Also good site templates at affordable prices. 

There are many websites templates that can be found inGoogle. 

Now your site needs a forum so that members can contact youand you to be able to post updates to the site, raffles,competitions, etc. Your members will be able to reportproblems that they had to provide proof of payments that have been received, which is a good way to show that your site is honest and can be trusted. 

There are many ready-made systems forum. You can use one of the two best known are: 

1 - SMF (Simple Machines Forum): one of the best, easy to adjust, there are many mods that will give you many goodfeatures that you will need in the forum, plus it's easy to install and no need PHP knowledge. 

You can download it from this site: 

2 - phpBB: that is lightweight and easy to install, easy to configure and can be used when you do not want the forum totake up much space. 

You can download it from this site: 

There are many other systems, but these two are the mostused for PTC sites. 

Support System 
This will enable you to learn about the problems of members and correct them quickly. A good way to direct contactbetween owners and members, some scripts have such a system, others do not. Good and stable and easy to configureand understanding support system is: 

Fifth step: How to start? 
Now, when you're done with everything, how to start? 
There are many things that need to be made, but the hardest part has already passed. The next will be: 

Inner part of the site: 
1) Setting the Terms of Use: 
This is very important, it will guide you how to handle your members, how to pay, which countries can draw and which will have to upgrade what users can do and what they can do. 
The best way to verify the conditions of successful PTC sitesand then make a mix of them to get some unique terms and conditions. 

2) Prices: 
The cost of the ads that will be sold, measured by CPM, which is the price of 1000 clicks (ads). In the beginning you will experience difficulties in getting advertisers for your websitewill have many active members, so start with low prices,something like 2000 clicks for $ 1 just to advertisers andhelped us find when your site grows, you can provide higheradvertising value. Remember to try to balance between the needs of advertisers and the needs of the members. 

3) Payment: 
Start with a low minimum order for payment by 10 or 20 cents.This will give you a good activity of the members at the beginning and the ability to sell ads on low prices, because if you sell 5,000 clicks for $ 1 and the minimum payout is $ 1, they will quickly leave your site. 

Earn money with your new site: 

How to make money from your website from day one? 
Start by adding a few sites that pay to post banners on it, such as: 

1) adhitz: advertising network. You join their site as the ownerof the site and create code for a banner that you place on your website and earn money for each click on this banner. Moneycan be downloaded once the amount reaches $ 25. 
This is their website: 

2) trafficrevenue: same as adhitz, but only pay for traffic from USA, Canada and Europe. 
This is their website: 

3) bitvertiser: same style as adhitz, but revenues were slightly less. 
This is their website: 

4) flagads: they have lots of opportunities for you not onlybanners, and pop-up ads and others that allow you to make money faster. 
This is their website: 

There are many such sites which you'll find after searching inGoogle. 

Now you put banners on your site to make money from them.What else can you do? 
Your members will come to your site to see the ads, so I usually need a CAPTCHA, to ensure that they are not bots orautoclickers, who click on the ads. You can use solvemedia Captcha, which is strong against bots and pays you for everysolved Captcha. 
Will get by registering on the site: 

These are ways that allow you to make money without payinganything. 

The question now is what about the ads that you place on your site, how to get them? 
At the beginning of each PTC site owners use their own adssponsored by them. To say that the members want to make $ 0.02 - place 20 ads each worth $ 0.001. These ads may be ofPTC sites that you want to have referrals so you can makemoney from them. If you change the value of the sponsoredads you $ 0.0005, then you will have more ads with no change in income, etc. 

Now the site is ready, you have everything you need, but before you drop it in action, check the script, as you may have missed some small details. 
Once assured that all is well, you will be able to find most of the things. 
Then you can run your site. 

That's it - you made your own PTC site!

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