Which programming language is best suited for Android

Maybe you've decided to become a mobile app developer for the Android operating system. This is an excellent solution, but certain knowledge is needed. At a minimum, you have to learn to program. There are several appropriate programming languages, and somehow you have to choose what to start with.
There is definitely a difference between programming languages, and it is not very easy to choose the right one. Let's briefly list the programming languages ​​(according to Android Authority) that can attract the attention of the future Android developer:
Java - the official programming language for Android, supported by Google's Android Studio development environment. It's not easy for beginners and for learning
Kotlin - This programming language was introduced by Google as the second officially supported programming language. In many ways, it looks like Java, but it's easier and easier to work with
C / C ++ - Android Studio supports C ++. This language is even more complex, and is most used to create games
C # - may like beginners. Supports Unity and Xamarin programming environments that are suitable for writing games for different platforms
BASIC - this programming language is supported by the IDE environment B4A IDE, which is a simple yet powerful tool
Corona / LUA - LUA medium is very good for creating cross-shaped products. It significantly simplifies application creation and provides access to embedded program libraries
PhoneGap (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) - the perfect option for anyone who can create interactive webpages. Cross-platform applications can be easily created with PhoneGap
 Let's take a closer look at these programming languages


The Java programming language is the first to remember when we hear about Android. Java was introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and is used for applications of a different type. When we talk about Android apps, Java is the best choice for anyone who wants to completely immerse themselves in Android OS. But this is not the best choice for beginners who inevitably encounter certain difficulties. If you're starting out and have not decided yet whether you're creating games or simpler apps, maybe it's better to start with something simpler.


Kotlin, as well as Java, is very good for developing Android applications. The difference is that Kotlin is easier to learn and more suitable for beginners, but it is far from simplified. The big plus in this language is that it is supported by Android Studio.

C / C ++

It's not the best choice for creating simplified applications. This language can be run on Android Studio using Android NDK, but unlike Java and Kotlin, it does not run in the Java Virtual Machine.
C and C ++ work directly with hardware and provide great capabilities for working with memory and processor. This is the programming language that achieves the best performance in 3D games. If this is your choice, get ready for difficulties. The threshold for beginners is high and a lot of effort is needed for learning. Often beginners choose a ready-made game engine that requires less C ++.

C #

C # is a lighter version of Microsoft's C and C programming languages. Here, memory is automated, and the developer does not need to take care of its use and release, which resembles Java. But C # is more modern and clean than Java. The combination of C # and Unity is especially useful for creating games. C # is an excellent choice but limits the possibilities if you want to become a professional Android developer.


The best option for the beginner. It can be used in the B4A development environment. This combination is not very suitable for creating games, but is ideal for learning programming and application development. But it is not free. It should not be forgotten that a professional is not just a BASIC one.


Corona, combined with LUA, enables writing programs not only for Android. It does good, but it's not for professionals.


The latter is suitable for anyone who is good at web programming and can create an interactive web site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PhoneGap lets you create applications with the same tools. This option has little touch of Android, but it will work if you do not have a specific goal and you do not plan to develop Android apps in the future. These are the main programming languages ​​used to create games and applications for the Android operating system. There are many variants, and everyone can find the right one for themselves. If you use something else - share to multiply knowledge.

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