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Running Shadow (Android)

Running Shadow is a unique blend of fantasy RPG (Role Playing Game) and running. Along with simplified game mechanics characteristic of this type of games, it provides a mythical story full of secrets and intrigue.
You will take the role of a thief and a murderer who has a unique artifact: gloves Keeper of Celestial, stolen from an ancient cult. Will be endowed with wonderful and unique abilities. Prepare yourself for an endless adventure full of risks, ancient castles, dark dungeons and insidious enemy ambushes. You can expect dozens of fascinating levels and quests. Take the time, full of danger and earn the title of Master Shadow!
You can expect a unique combat system and special magical powers that will allow you to convert shadow!

Price: Free
Download the game from the Google Play Store

Smart Sophia (Android)

Sophia is a brave and clever girl. The goal is simple - you need to help her reach the star. Collect all the coins (totems) to see trivia at the end of each level. The knowledge you can share with friends.
The game is simple, addictive and fun. As you are more creative, more exciting game awaits you.
More about the game:
- Realistic physics imitating real world
- Logical and adventure mechanisms together in a unique gameplay
- Beautiful cheerful girl
- Sophia can run, jump and push objects
- Carefully designed over 50 levels, grouped in several worlds
- High-quality graphics
- Free updates with new levels and worlds
- The game is available in English, Russian and Bulgarian

Price: Free
Download the game from the Google Play Store

Spotology - Pop the Dots (Android, iOS)

Spotology is a game that will please many. It provides both an engaging gameplay and hectic pace that will test your concentration.
In front of you will see the board with circles and squares, and the goal is to touch one of the circles and drag your finger over the other, but without lifting. It's that simple.
You can expect 400 variations of levels in which your fingers, reflexes and logic will be challenged. By shaking the screen you can change the color scheme to refresh your mood. You have only three incorrect attempts. Do not miss.

Price: Free

Download the game from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store

TwoDots (iOS)

Another game with points - yes, but this is for super interesting Dots, which we met exactly one year ago 4.html. The creators of Dots are back with a brand novo, addictive free puzzle proposal.
Join the hundreds of thousands of players from around the world. Sharpen your skills in 85 challenging levels while opening up many exciting new features on the way up.
Why you'll love TWODOTS?
The game is free.
Adventure through 85 levels of addictive and fun.
Enjoy the beautiful minimalist design and relaxing background music.
Play at your own pace, to choose the perfect move, without having to worry about time.
Challenge your friends on Facebook.
PLEASE NOTE: TwoDots is completely free game, but some elements in it can be purchased with real money. Just disable purchases in the application you want to use this opportunity.

Price: Free

Download the game from the Apple App Store

Mosaic: A Lights-Out Game (WP)

Mosaic is a simple puzzle game for Windows Phone, but that does not mean it is easy. To win, you must connect all the colored squares on the screen. Mosaic is not only free, but it has no domestic purchases. Just play.
There are three game modes: Regular, Zen and Challenge. As you can imagine, Zen is a regime of unlimited time and has relaxing music. A Challenge mode is the most difficult and it has the greatest challenges.

Price: Free

Download the game from the Windows Phone Store

Spot The Differences (WP)

Will you find the differences? Spot The Differences e game that appeals equally well on large and small. The goal is simple - to watch carefully and watch for signs or absence of these two identical pictures. Whenever you notice a difference, just touch the screen to select objects.
The more you play, the more coins will accumulate and will give you access to additional set of HD graphics that you can download. The game also includes five modes: Time Attack, Quick Mode, Blind mode, 2-Player mode, and Illimited.
Spot The Differences is a great way to train your brain and improve your observation skills.

Price: Free

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