http://seo.uk.net http://critic.netTo hackers have always been with some respect, since they arecomputer enthusiasts with great knowledge. They claim that they are not criminals, but simply curious people with strongcomputer skills.

Kevin Mitnick

According to officials of the Department of U.S. security today Kevin Mitnick is still known as "the most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history." His "exploits" are even immortalized in two Hollywood films - "Takedown" and "Freedom Downtime".
Kevin Mitnick began his professional career at 12 years to dismantle the system of transport maps of Los Angeles, which enabled him to ride free on public transport.
His first major achievement was in 1979, when able to penetrate into the company's system for computers DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) and copy software should her series computer "feats", including decoding telephone networks theft corporate secrets and even break in to the National Security Agency. Managed to infiltrate the computers of electronic giants like "Nokia", "Fudzhittsu" and "Motorola".
It was declared "the most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history." In 1995 he was captured and spent five years in prison. Subsequently Mitnick served and punishment, forbidding him access to any electronic equipment.
Currently Kevin Mitnick is a useful member of society, has the security company.

Kevin Paulson, nicknamed Black Lace

He became famous when hack the phone system radio KIIS FM. The radio announced a reward-for Porsche 102 th caller listener. Hearing this, Kevin Paulson managed to infiltrate the telephone network so that it will be 102 th caller and win a prize.
After a series of similar crimes. FBI begins searching Paulson after he broke into their database and gained access to secret information tapped phone calls. He was captured in 1991 and sentenced to five years in prison.
Today, the former hacker was editor of "Wired News". One of his most popular articles describes how he discovered 744 sex offenders with profiles on Myspace.

Adrian Lamo, the hacker Homeless

It is called so because the attack from cafes, libraries and internet cafes.
Lamo often find gaps in safety systems and boldly take advantage of them. Managed to penetrate the systems of major organizations katoYahoo!, Citigroup, Bank of America and Cingular, and then notified the companies of these errors.
Among the biggest cyber world Lamo gained after penetrating the computer system of the newspaper "New York Times" in February 2002 and added its name as an expert in its database. About his act was captured and sentenced to six months house arrest, two years probation and a fine of 65 thousand dollars.
After the expiration of the sentence Lamo works as a lecturer and journalist.

Jonathan James

At age 16, Jonathan James became famous as the first juvenile to be sent to prison for hacking.
James managed to hack usernames and passwords for email accounts of employees of the Department of U.S. security.Thus he gets the opportunity to read e-mails and top secret government secrets.
In the list of achievements of James and penetration into the computer system of NASA in 1999, where stealing software worth 1.7 million dollars. For this crime of forcing NASA to exclude your entire computer system.
Since the time of the offense Jonathan is a minor, the judge gave him only six months in prison. Otherwise he would lie at least 10 years.
Today Jonathan James plans to establish a computer security firm.

Loyd Blankenship "mentor"

He is the author of the manifesto of the hacker who wrote,when he was arrested in 1986. It Blankenship stated thathackers are just curious and it is not right for it to be judged.
Blakenship is part of an elite group of hackers in the 80s - Legion of Doom. The Manifesto is considered a moral code ofthe hacker and has been quoted in the Hollywood movie"Hackers" starring Angelina Jolie.

Fred Cohen

In 1983, a student of programming Fred Cohen from the University of California, sazdadva first computer virus. This virus was able to completely control the computer system andto manage all of its functions. 
Fred Cohen has never held criminally responsible, asdevelopments have been used in education.
Today managed company engaged in information security.

Robert Morris

A first distributed on the Internet, so-called computer worm.The virus hit 6000 computer at the University "Cornell" in 1988.and causing losses worth millions of dollars. Mauriceexplained in court that he did to understand "how big was the Internet at that time."
Robert Morris was the first man convicted under the ComputerFraud and Abuse Act.
He is currently a professor and consultant in the Laboratory ofComputer Science and Artificial Intelligence at MIT.

Michael Calcio

On February 14, 2000 some of the largest U.S. companies, including eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and other panicked because their pages blocked.
According to the companies this day cost them about $ 1 billion in damage.
Bill Clinton convened the Security Council in Cyberspace in the White House. Following an investigation, the culprit was caught - it turns out that this is a 15-year-old student. Michael Calcio himself actually issued because boasted several chat.
He was sentenced to one year on probation, restricted his access to the network and have to pay a small fine.

David Smith

Smith is the creator of the Melissa virus - the first successfulvirus spread through e-mail. It causes damage to more than 80million dollars, and Smith was sentenced to 20 months in prison. 

Sven Dzhashan
In 2004 Sven Dzhashan was arrested for spreading virusesNetski and Sasser, who are responsible for 70% of attacks in the net at the time. 
Sven is only 17 years old and received a suspended sentenceof three years.

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