Software - types
Software (Software) is a word of English, which is used as the name of the software on the computer.
According to their software is:Platform
Software that serves as a platform for further development of the applications depending on the platform itself (eg as compilers for programming languages).
These are programs performing system functions. System software organizes and facilitates the work of the computer system.
The most important part of it is the operating system - a set of programs that manage the operation of all components of the system and provide a link between the user and the computer hardware. The operating system manages the computer devices by drivers. A driver is a specialized program that allows to manage a device.
The operating system has three main components:
Nucleus - a small volume program that organizes the parallel operation of the CPU and peripheral devices, and manages all programs in the operating system.
Filesystem - manages the distribution of files on your computer and access to them.
Shell - provides interaction between the user and the computer by executing corresponding commands.
These are the most popular among users applications with which they have direct contact and most commonly used.Examples are programs for word processing programs to create spreadsheets, games and more.
Are small programs that perform custom commands or perform actions in a certain order (eg JavaScript).
Other types of
The use of such software is not obligatory payment.Payment of a certain amount of it is voluntary. Looks like open source software, but the source (Source - source) code of the software is not distributed freely.
Software that is distributed freely. The user is obliged to agree with the general rules for the use of free software is not required to pay a fee to the author.
The original design of the software is modified and is distributed as advertise a product (with text or sound).
Demo (Demo)
Used for demonstration software for reporting and testing of its core functions. Distributed freely, but with limited capabilities of the software.
Temporary version (Trial)
Software, the functions of which are only valid for a certain period of time or for a certain number of starts of the software, but is distributed freely.
Essential tools for creating softwareEditor
The text editor is a software application that offers the programmer a convenient way to enter and edit code.
The compiler is a program that combines fragments of the program to obtain intelligible code on the processor. Through the program is translated by the appropriate programming language understandable by the processor.
Through the compiled program is divided into constituent fragments.

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