Intel officially introduced its first 8-core desktop processor

Expected of PC enthusiasts for months announcement is a factand the first 8-core desktop processor family Intel Haswell-E,which it seems is the fastest processor giant so far is on the way to market.

In any case, the new Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Editionpromises to provide the best for enthusiasts, gamers andcontent creators, eager for maximum productivity.

First oriented individuals 8-core CPU chip company supports 16 computing threads and the new DDR4 memory, so it willcreate opportunities to create some of the fastest desktopsystems on the market. The new advanced Intel X99 chipsetand solid for overclocking you will allow enthusiasts to improve their systems for maximum performance, a highlight of Intel. 

The new Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition is the flagship of the new line of desktop processors giant and represents the top of the evolution of desktop processors. Value and performance chip in question obviously is oriented exclusively to enthusiasts who do not count their pennies. Slightly loweroperating frequency in the case (3,0 / 3,5 GHz) is probablydriven by the need TDP rating to be maintained within 140 W,as the indicator for all new CPU products from this family. Of course, the most important novelty here is the support forDDR4 RAM, which promises significantly faster systems. They will come with new motherboards, as already announced the platform manufacturers. 

In the context of platforms for desktop PC systems continuity is good from the perspective that allows users to upgrade their system without changing the motherboard. But on the otherhand, with the advent of the new RAM and faster storage devices at one time the functionality of these partiallyupgraded systems may be limited. Until now, manufacturers ofmotherboards solved problems of this type with additionalcontrollers chipset Intel X79, but they consume PCI Expresslines are not always sufficient. 

That is why the new platform LGA2011-v3 company offers newIntel chipset - X99, which is equipped much better than its predecessor.

Many of the new PC platforms based on chipset Intel X99, are also Thunderbolt Ready, stress from the company. When combined with two Thunderbolt add-in card allows for theextremely fast connection to your PC at up to 20Gbps. This will be welcome when working with data-intensive operations such as 4K video editing, 3D editing and develop games that take advantage of the performance of Thunderbolt 2.
Naturally, Intel is working with partners in the industry to take advantage of this new platform. Key original equipment manufacturers (OEM), suppliers of memory, motherboardvendors and partners in the graph will help the growth of this ecosystem for enthusiasts, the company said.
The event PAX Intel shows what can make these new powerfulhigh-performance processors, the system presented by several manufacturers using the new family of products fordemonstration of popular games such as Lucky's Tale, Superhot with Oculus Rift, Dark Souls 2 and TitanFall.Furthermore, Intel will showcase game and Twitch TVstreaming through a new system based on the processor Intel Core Extreme Edition.

As for performance, the company estimated the new 8-core processor performs well in multi-tasking environment, demonstrating impressive results in better optimization ofmulti-tasking applications. Comparing the performance of theCore i7-5960X and its predecessor Core i7-4960X, it is clear that in tasks such as 3D-rendering for example, can expect up to 30% productivity growth and processing and assemblingvideo can accelerate with up to 20%. Game content withmultitasking code optimization is not very far, but when dealing with physics and AI parameters Haswell-E chips can provideup to 15% more performance that according to the first in-house testing. 
The announcement of Intel brings confirmation of the price of new Haswell-E processors that match the past week the web.Next week will come out the other products from the line that will be available for $ 389 - $ 999 wholesale (for lots of 1000units) depending on the model (see. Chart below). Soon afterthis should occur early PC configurations home builders with these Intel processors.