Another convenience! Smartphone tells us how to put perfume

Digital stick connected to the smartphone application controlsour body odor and deodorant tells us how to use, reportedDaily Mail. The work was done by a student from New Jersey. It is equipped with a special nozzle that releases contained in thegel stick. Exactly how the gel should be applied to the user's body decides the application posted on smartphone. According to the inventor Gilad Arvats application is the firstmarket applicator deodorant that can be charged. The gadgetcosts $ 26. 
Smart device indicates how much deodorant should be applied on the body and reminds us to resort to it when we forgot to put and enhance our body odor. Digital stick commands from smartphone releases a certain amount of gel from top, then spread the substance as a simpleroll-on deodorant. Application controls in line with our putterbody odor and decide how much we will need to suppress it. The annex should be inserted some user data, such as height, weight, age, level of physical activity and gender.