Dangerous computer virus takes a "hostage" our files

Dangerous computer virus into a "hostage" important files in your computer, such as text, tables, files, music and photos.After blocking access to files, the software Virlock wants to pay "ransom" to repair the damage.
The amount is $ 250, but electronic currency Bitcoin because it is untraced.In no case should not succumb to this and to send money, experts advise. Reinstalling the computer also does not erase the virus. And the most important advice is not to open strange mails with an attachment, which invite us to open it.If a man lie not pay, it is likely that the files are really unlocked, which it will initially be very happy. The point is that the next startup, he will be re-infected. There are several tools in our IT language called REMOVAL TOOLS, which may allow the user to regain control files.