Microsoft introduces Display Cover: keyboard with E Ink display

Division Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft introduced the innovative keyboard DisplayCover, designed primarily for owners of tablets that actively use them with professional purposes. The unit provides extra workspace for owners of tablets with small displays.
DisplayCover keyboard is equipped with a monochrome touchscreen technology using E-Ink.Resolution matrix is ​​1280h305 pixels and with its help is particularly convenient to work with as Photoshop, because the integrated keyboard display shows all the necessary tools. The display can be used to conveniently input handwritten text on a horizontal plane of the screen. DisplayCover can display the Start menu to quickly switch and launch applications. It is possible to launch multiple applications on the screen DisplayCover. Device makers emphasize that have chosen E-Ink technology, due to its low power consumption, thus the unit will not affect the autonomous operation of the tablet computer. Now presented the prototype of the keyboard DisplayCover and it is not known when the device will be available and what the price will be.