Twitch bans provocative simulator Rinse & Repeat

Controversial simulator Rinse & Repeat, which tries to present homosexual culture and the relationship between men and video games, was banned for streaming Twitch. Provocative game, offering close intimate scenes in the men's bathroom, can not be displayed in any form in the popular streaming service. Creator of the Rinse & Repeat Robert Young said he felt "slightly flattered" by the decision, but recognizes that ultimately it prevents the game."On the one hand for me as an artist it is particularly important that define my work as" dangerous ". However, the policy of Twitch about sex and nudity is sh * bananas and unfair, and this is not good for gaming as a form of art, "he says. These rules allow Twitch scenes of nudity only when the latter is not too stressed and displayed within the overall story. "But I put emphasis on the ideas of consensus standards bodies and respect and is insulting that Twitch put all the games under a common denominator." According to Yang, sites like YouTube and Video show more understanding and more flexible rules that artists meet. "And at the same time as a key platform Twitch with a huge stake in streaming says" No "to games that are trying to break the taboo of sex and nudity," he concluded.