The optimum size of the smartphone screen - feedback from users

Specialists from analytical company again conducted a consumer survey, which clarified who according to a mass audience is the optimal diagonal screen smartphone in terms of functionality and ease of use. See what this study shows. The large screen of the smartphone is a good thing when it is seen the video, and not so - when you need to conduct a long telephone conversation.
But who is the perfect size smartphone display that would allow us to do everything most comfortable? This question many have asked designer, experts and visionaries, including Steve Jobs himself who believed that perfect diagonal screen smartphone is 3.5 inches. Why exactly this was the first iPhone, released in 2007. Now, however, times are different and fashionable smartphones are far larger screens. Even Apple itself no longer comply entered herself standard in this regard. What then is the answer to the above question today?What is the optimum screen size of smartphones? To learn experts from analytical company Strategy Analytics (re) turn to the users themselves, to learn the most relevant opinion - theirs. As shown in the last corporate survey conducted exactly a year after similar US and UK, most people today believe that the perfect diagonal screen smartphone is 5.3 inches, and 5-inch and 5.5-inch drives occupy second and third place.
What is the optimum screen size of smartphones?
It is also interesting that the Americans more often than Europeans tend to buy large appliances, and the so-called. PHABLET more interested users of Android. In Strategy Analytics noted that similar results were achieved in the second half of 2014, which means that consumer preferences and markets stabilize and radical changes in values ​​are not expected in the near future.
Another interesting point is that more than half of respondents identified as optimal diagonal screen that is slightly larger than the currently owned smartphone. It is also interesting that the thickness of the apparatus does not play a special role in consumer preferences. In fact, many people are willing to put up with a thick body, if he would have brought more battery life and longer battery life.
And according to you, what is the optimal screen size of smartphones?