Google released its regular update packages for Android

Google released its regular package updates to Android, which is the first of this year. 95 addressed issues such as 22 are designated critical. Like other update packages, and here the January edition of the update is divided into two parts: a package aimed at security on Android components and containing 23 updates a second, which affects various drivers and ODM software and that affects Nexus and Pixel devices as 72 address the problem.From the first package, deserves special attention CVE-2017-0381, since this is a vulnerability that allows remote execution of arbitrary code, but problematic component is unfortunate on Mediaserver. Since the summer of 2015., When Google began placing updates on a monthly basis, Mediaserver drew attention to several serious vulnerabilities that have been blocked here by Stagefright, for example, and a similar problem, open just a month later. The remaining patches here address the problems associated with the possibility of unauthorized elevation of privilege and prejudice subsystem of the kernel.