They stole two expensive prototypes of the Razer booth at CES

Two prototypes of the new technique of Razer, which the company introduced at CES 2017, were stolen from her booth on Sunday night. The company filed a complaint with the police and work with the police and the organizers in order to find the perpetrators.
The Razer boss Min-Liang Tan did not reveal prototypes that are subject to theft, but most likely it comes to blockbuster products like laptop with three display and gaming projector that carries the picture of the game throughout the room. According to Tan, it is possible that it is an act of industrial espionage. "We work hard and honestly. Our team lost months to create the concept of these prototypes. The case is very serious for us, and penalties must be severe. Obviously the one who did it, is not very smart, "he said and urged anyone with information about the incident, writing the company.