In Britain launched the first non-stop police unit with drones

Drones are becoming more widely used in everyday life and in the UK first formed police unit that will work with them. The squad will be nonstop is currently scheduled for 21 units, and the summer will cover much of the country. Flying machines are used to help the law enforcement in various situations such as search for missing persons, tracking suspects and others. 
Not lacking and criticism - some worry that this will give the authorities "eyes" in the sky that will always occur, and police officers themselves do wonder whether the machines will not endanger their own work. It is possible drones at a time to replace police helicopters and their pilots, as well as patrolling policemen on the spot.
The news comes a day after the attack in the heart of London, which left five dead and 40 wounded. Yesterday man drove a car into pedestrians on the bridge Westminster. Then he turned to the Parliament of Great Britain, where he ran into enclosures.