Videos to Assassin's Creed Origins present us to Memphis

Yesterday Ubisoft posted a video on the pages of his blog from the Assassin's Creed Origins demo, presented at Gamescom 2017. Emphasis is on Memphis, the ancient capital of Ancient Egypt and a pearl along the Nile. Together with the diverse world, including both desert areas and green areas, water spaces, dungeons, pyramids, underground cities and urban environments, we are familiar with some of the gameplay mechanics in the new game, the big names here - Cleopatra and Caesar , As well as the basis of history. In addition to introducing an entirely new assassin - Bayeck and his assistant - Senue, the true eagle, Origins will boast the largest and populated world of the series. The graphics and especially the simetics look great and it will be curious to see what the game can squeeze out of a powerful system such as Xbox One X. As for the video, together with Bayek, Senu, Caesar and Cleopatra, here we also meet Aya, Baieck's wife. Halfway with Greek ancestry, half with Egyptian, Aya was born in Alexandria, but moved along with Bayek in Siva at an early age. As a Cleopatra agent, she meets Bayeck to discuss ways to deal with a mighty enemy known only as the Lizard. 
"Whether we are in the pyramids or in the city itself, Memphis is a clear example of how densely populated the world of Assassin's Creed Origins. The city is a closely intertwined labyrinth of dusty streets and back yards, with impressively huge structures that hide pre-occupied secret zones - like the temple represented, which has collapsed under an underground cave. This is a world in which we are ready to lose and we will do it with the start of the game on 27.10 when Assassin's Creed Origins goes out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, "the Ubi publication concludes.

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