2018 Android games will earn more than those for iOS thanks to China

Gaming on Android will surpass that for iOS in revenue within a few years, but this does not necessarily mean more money for Google. For some time, Google Play Store recorded more downloads an application from the App Store, but it does not matter, as the owners of the iPhone and iPad spending more money than those on Android devices. According to analyst firm Digi-Capital, this trend will change soon, as 2018 applications for Android will now begin to earn more money. This will happen thanks to the China market, which currently Google Play Store present very weak. The company predicts that by 2018 that same consumer will spend $ 45 billion on mobile games. Interestingly, Google will get almost nothing from the proceeds of China as the market there is dominated by local platforms for mobile applications such as Baidu, Qihoo 360, Tencent and Wandoujia.
If you add this to their revenue that comes from official Play Store, total revenue from Android games will surpass those of iOS titles. "In 2018, iOS will still brings the most revenue from a single digital store, but revenues from all stores for Android together will be more," wrote the founder of Digi-Capital Tim Meral. According to him, the crucial year for the Chinese market for mobile games was 2012 then Symbian still had a 40 percent share there, but then Android and iOS quickly placed on the market and now together have 98% share.
However, the rise of Android does not automatically and the rise of Google. "Google will have to do a lot to ensure the conditions for both developers and consumers that Apple offers. To receive revenue from a downloadable game for iOS you need two downloads in Play Store and eight of downloads Chinese Android stores, "says the report.