Free an IP-addresses will run out soon. USA are with the large number of IP addresses in the world

The American Registry of Internet Numbers ARIN, which distributes blocks of IP-addresses for North America, warned that large blocks of IP-addresses will run out literally in a few weeks. The organization began to refuse providers, said new blocks. All probably heard that space with IP-addresses is not infinite and free addresses someday run out. This day is already quite close. Many analysts have noted that the development of the first versions of Internet protocols nobody expected and could not imagine that the global network will grow so much.

The concept of the "Internet of Things" provides not only computers, tablets and smartphones have IP-addresses, and each bit device and portable electronics also have access to the Internet with its address and the proliferation of these devices is just beginning.
Director of ARIN Dimersan Richard said: "Within a few weeks, for the first time in history, we will not have a large enough block addresses, and will be able to allocate them to the next application." The transition to IPv6 is still too slow. So far in the first place dissemination of this protocol is Belgium, where 30% percent of the devices work with IPv6.