Chrome already has a share of over 25% in browsers

The past month of April was very rich in events associated with browsers - learned the official name of Microsoft Edge, saw Chrome 42 and noted a month from the appearance of Firefox 37.

Now it comes to learn that Google's browser finally has more than 25% share of the market for this type of software. In other words, one out of every four Internet users now use Chrome.
According to Net Applications, here's how they changed the positions of the major browsers between April and May 2015 .:

Internet Explorer: a drop of 0.71% to 55.8%;

Chrome: an increase of 0.69% to 25.6%;

Firefox: a drop of 0.19% to 11.70%;

Safari: an increase of 0.12% to 5.12%;

Opera: an increase of 0.05% to 0.48%

Examining in detail the results of Internet Explorer, we see that the spread of the latest version of IE11 has increased by 0.82%, while IE10, IE9 and IE8 have reduced their presence.Recall that in October 2014 IE11 managed to overtake IE8 as the most popular browser in the world and at the time difference between the versions is still expanding.
To up your tables, Net Applications collects data from more than 160 million unique visitors every month who come into 40,000 websites.