Leaked material from Fallout 4 suggest a cold climate

Since yesterday it became clear that Bethesda intends to submit a mysterious RPG at E3 2015, the internet is hard talking that it really can be Fallout 4.
These are a sample of the official website of E3 2015, where it says that the company is preparing role-playing game for the PC, PS4 and XBOX One, to show in Los Angeles. Of course, theoretically we can talk about next-gen project of The Elder Scrolls or a brand new IP, but for obvious reasons speculation about Fallout 4 with the greatest weight.

And just at this point in the network leaked new materials portfolio of developer, which seems quite likely that the new role-playing game lead us into places with colder climates.While the authenticity of the material can really be called into question, while not found and no one to refute them categorically.
Here you can see the leaked images:

Under the warning clear female model below and above a few clothes that show us that are made for use in subzero temperatures. Is it possible then to Fallout 4 is set in a place with such harsh conditions?

We'll see after only a month during E3 2015.