Microsoft's new API determine the age and sex of the images in photographs

Microsoft introduced its new application programming interface to detect human faces and advertise in a specific way by the web site Anyone can get into this site photography of any person, and a special algorithm determines exactly where in the image the person and sex shows and the presumed age of the man from the photograph.

According to numerous comments, the algorithm is not perfect - correctly determine the age of many people, but for others is wrong with for 15 years. Actually, this is only the beginning, and age is defined generally true, but with few exceptions, and this is the main opportunity for software technology called Face API. In determining the gender system almost wrong.

In the website Project Oxford presented a demonstration of the process and documentation work with the new APIs. The system offers a set of geometric data including size and position of facial features, plus sex and age. Alternatively, the new API has been comparing two different photographs and determining whether this is the same person.There have been comments that the latter option can be used for automated search of duplicates.