Apple tested analytical tool for its App Store

Apple yesterday began sending invitations to leading mobile developers, which invites them to participate in preliminary tests of new analytical tool called App Analytics.Promised at the conference WWDC last year, the software is a way of collecting and analyzing information on the activity of users and mobile applications for iOS. Several mobile developers immediately released to their Twitter profiles about the launch of the beta testing of the software, which allows to extract data such as how many users visit the page of an application, how they do it, how often enjoy it, how to develop its sales and etc.
In turn, this information will help the developer community to make changes in the way they develop and advertise. Currently there are already similar analytical tools, the work of third parties, but most of the data are approximate, while the new method will be based on official information filed by Apple. The giant promises that this will provide immediate insight into the way in which applications are presented and their pages the App Store. Invited developers still will be able to participate in the tests, which means that the finished appearance of the software is still far away on the horizon. At present, those who have access to the App Analytics, still do not see any data in it. 
Last year, Apple bought Burstly analytical company and its products and TestFlight FlightPath and suggests that this particular technology is the basis of new analytical tool giant.