Salesforce's shares soared after rumors of interest from Microsoft

Salesforce's shares on the stock exchange in New York rose after it became clear that it was possible that Microsoft made an offer to purchase the company's cloud software. Immediately after the appearance of this hearing, the shares jumped 12 percent, and now posted a new increase, this time by 5 percent. According to Bloomberg, the agency attributed reliable anonymous sources, Microsoft is about to make a preemptive bid for Salesforce, as interest in the company has another potential buyer.Last week it became clear that Salesforce's representatives have met with several banks with the idea to mediate a possible deal.
One of the names mentioned was that of Microsoft, and together with the software giant discuss potential buyers in the face of Oracle, IBM and even Google.New information, however, claims that Microsoft is close to the transaction and it was even discussed at the meeting between the head of the live company Satya Nadel and CEO Salesforce's Marc Benyof. The two were seen in San Francisco, when Nadel was in town for the conference Build.Benyof himself published a photo of the meeting of its Twitter profile. Last year, Microsoft and Salesforce announced a joint partnership for the integration of various products. Recently, Microsoft announced that it expects annual revenue from cloud services company to reach $ 20 billion. In parallel, the new executive director of Oracle Safra Catz announced that Salesforce's acquisition of another company will disrupt the harmony of the software market. Katz itself would not comment on whether Oracle is interested in such a deal. So far, both companies refused to comment on what is happening.