Smart watches Apple Watch block when placed tattooed hands

Despite the incredible excitement around the new smart watches of Apple, not everything turned out smoothly. One of the unpleasant moments, these watches do not work properly when placed on the tattooed hand. 
First noticed this effect user Web resource Reddit alias guinne55fan. When putting the clock on his wrist adorned with a tattoo, the screen of the device block and begins to prompt for a password to unlock. It is not possible and the exchange of information with the smartphone. When placing the clock on normal skin, he began to work without a problem.
Apple said the problem that their smart watches use LED sensors for monitoring blood flow in blood vessels, and when the sensors collide with skin imbued with pigments, reading vital signs became a problem, the device stops receiving data from smartphones because the software switches to a special mode. 
Natural pigmentation of human skin do not affect the operation of the device - only tattoos block the work of Apple Watch. It is not clear how the experts say Apple will eliminate this very disturbing effect.