Alien: Isolation with versions for Mac and Linux this month

With increasing support for Linux on more games, Mac users and those of the free operating system can finally indulge in one of the biggest hits of last year - Alien: Isolation.
This will happen on 09.29.2015, when on Steam will appear Alien: Isolation - The Collection, reported Gaming on Linux. In this edition of the game includes DLC-th issued so far, including two separate missions on board the "Nostromo" here present and five packages of mission Coto add new maps, characters and challenges aimed at Survival andSalvage regimes outside the main story. 
The newspaper states the minimum requirements for the game are:

2.6Ghz Dual-Core CPU
At least 4GB RAM.
1GB or better graphics card.
Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit) or SteamOS.

The game requires a card from NVIDIA 600 series or better with driver version 355.11 or newer. GPUs on Intel and AMD are not supported, according to media. Required account on Steam.