Samsung opens new headquarters in Silicon Valley

Samsung has announced that it will open its new office in Silicon Valley in California, which houses the headquarters of giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook. South Korean company has a presence in this region since 1983, but this time it comes to a huge new office, which will cover an area of ​​104,000 square meters It will house different laboratories associated with the development of semiconductors, LED displays and monitors. In addition, there will be located and many administrative units and departments in marketing and advertising. Initially the new office will work 700 people, but the campus has the potential to take over 2000 employees. According to the company's CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon, the new complex will lay the foundations of "aggressive presence and growth in the coming decades." In any event, the company will seek an opportunity to attract new and valuable footage of Silicon Valley at the end of a not particularly successful year for the company as its main business - smartphones - could not reach previous profitable levels. Although many watched the new Galaxy S6 as an attractive and powerful machine, he failed to get the expected broad support and sales have not reached the preliminary estimates.
However, businesses with chips and semiconductors company is still quite strong, given that the new office in California described as' the new plant the development of semiconductors for North America, "it is obvious that he will continue to bring revenue of Samsung.