China prepares its own operating system to replace Windows XP

Although maintenance of Windows XP was terminated early April last year, statistics from a week ago showed that in China this operating system is installed almost a quarter of computers with access to the global network.
Upgrading to more advanced versions in China is considered to be too expensive and local developers hard at work on its own operating system named NeoKylin. The first information about this OS came back in 2011.bUnder the new operating system company operates from Shanghai China Standard Software. NeoKylin is based on Linux and the availability of modules Yellowdog Updater Modified is a sign that perhaps is used distribution Linux Fedora. When you start NeoKylin, the first thing you will notice is the incredible similarity with Windows XP. Taskbar, icons, Start menu, Control Panel - everything looks and works the same way.
Not forgotten My Documents, Recycle Bin, player, several games, and editor of the images using GIMP. Even created their own version of Microsoft Office, based on OpenOffice, which looks and works like Microsoft Office and has been developed by China Standard Software. So far installing external applications is not allowed, but this can be circumvented. NeoKylin will be directly installed in many laptops Dell, OptiPlex desktop computers and Dell Precision workstations in China