Facebook renamed web and mobile application Internet.org Free Basic

After Internet.org Facebook's initiative was subjected to harsh criticism, the company announced that it will change the name of a web and mobile application for it. It now will be called Free Basics by Facebook and allows users to choose different free internet services to consider in the search engine and activate the menu.
Internet.org platform is designed to provide Internet access to communities around the world who do not have normal access to the network. Thus they have the opportunity to connect with some major sites, such as the program itself is implemented in partnership with local mobile operators. Moreover, the social network announced that there will be Internet.org HTTPS encryption. Facebook Internet.org started in May and currently supported platforms without encryption because of the different infrastructure in individual countries. "This change provides a more meaningful level of security, especially for those people who do not fully trust their internet connection," explains company and stated that even used the service only supports HTTP, whenever possible, it will encrypt the information between its servers and devices that support HTTPS.