The most interesting applications for Apple Watch


If you love to trek and "get lost" in different parts of the world, this application is more than a must for you. Trip Advisor is one of the most popular tourism sites where you can find authentic customer reviews for each point on the globe. The version for Apple Watch is equally rich.


If you like the sport and even love and betting, Betfair Sports Betting is just for you. Naturally, it makes Betfair betting. In addition to bet, it shows the remaining time for your favorite game and the odds. A fast caching allows you to collect your winnings with one tap.

For fun

Perhaps you know the feeling when you snuggle up in the shade and cooling off in the pleasant company, cool song playing on the radio. But you do not know how the saying goes.Well, there's a solution - Shazam is adapted to Apple Watch, through which you can learn exactly which song. A razglashtane one hand, you can see the text in case you decide to impress others with vocal possibilities.


Do you have problems with the organization? Todoist is the application that will help you deal with them. Used by more than 4 million people worldwide, it receives feedback from Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others.Whether you make a list of purchases made progress in its design or not to forget to pay the rent, Todoist helps to organize any endeavor.


Simple Wallet is an application that although it leaves little disbelief at first contact with him was extremely secure storage of personal information. Simple Wallet can create notes and photos that are stored on the application itself and encrypted individually. The special algorithm and lack of connection to the Internet is a key part of the security program.